Our Products

Matrix offers a diverse range of high-quality and innovative battery products. From automotive batteries for cars and commercial vehicles to e-rickshaw batteries, solar batteries, inverter batteries and VRLA SMF batteries, Matrix provides reliable and efficient power solutions for various applications, ensuring customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

Inverter Batteries

Matrix manufactures a wide range of inverter batteries that cater to diverse needs and applications, from residential to commercial and industrial use. With Matrix inverter batteries, you can bid farewell to power cuts and voltage fluctuations.

Motorcycle Batteries

Matrix's bike batteries are renowned for their premium quality, reliability, and advanced engineering. With high cranking power, zero-maintenance design, excellent heat tolerance and vibration resistance, we offer improved safety and long life.

VRLA smf Batteries

Matrix VRLA SMF batteries are designed for high performance and low maintenance. These sealed, maintenance-free batteries excel in surviving extreme weather conditions, temperatures, heights and orientations, ensuring uninterrupted power availability.

Automotive Batteries

Matrix's automotive batteries have become a trusted name in the Indian automobile battery sector. With over four decades of experience, we offer maintenance-free batteries made of pure calcium alloy and 99.98% active material.

E-rickshaw Batteries

E-rickshaw batteries from Matrix offer unmatched quality and performance. Our batteries provide a reliable power pack for your E-rickshaw, saving you money while delivering innovative features. Experience a powerful performance by ordering Matrix E-rickshaw batteries.

Solar Batteries

Matrix Solar Batteries offer a cost-effective solution for power flow from solar to the grid, based on the load profile. With the highest-rated solar charge controller, we optimize power harvesting from solar modules, resulting in lower monthly electricity expenses.