Matrix Highway Range of batteries for transport carriers and heavy vehicles are as per their personality ruff and tuff. Matrix Highway Range is suitable for the fitment in all these vehicles.

Features of Matrix Highway Range of Batteries
  • Low antimony-selenium-tin alloy and purest for of grey oxide helps in longer life.
  • Low gassing - low maintenance batteries perfectly suitable for Indian climatic conditions.
  • Anti sulfation protection given for longer consistent performance.
  • Japanese separators used for holding active material in bad road conditions.
  • Low self discharge in the batteries. Polypropelene co polymenr heat sealed containers used for the worst climatic conditions.
  • Jumbo containers also used for more acid resulting low maintenance.
Battery Specification Chart
Model No Box Type

No of Plates

AH Capacity Dimension (mm) Dry Wt. (kg) Charge Wt. (kg)
N150 N150 21 150 504 222 254 27.7 42
N165 N200 23 165 515 275 244 28.2 49
N180 N200 23 180 515 275 244 30.2 51
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